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Betty Morrow Redd Scholarship

The Betty Morrow Redd Scholarship was established by her loving husband of 56 years, Dr. Lawrence (affectionately call Larry) Redd in her memory. Mrs. Redd went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday, December 20, 2017. She was a devoted wife, mother, sister, aunt and friend that placed high values on her spiritual walk, family and education. Mrs. Redd’s love for education was evident in that she taught in the Lansing School District for 31 years, impacting the lives of many students. She believed that shaping young minds toward excellence was vital to their future success. Mrs. Redd attended Tennessee State University for two years on an academic scholarship. She completed her Bachelors, with high honors, and a Masters degree at Michigan State University.
The Betty Morrow Redd Scholarship, for students in the Department of Speech, Communication and Theatre, was originally established as the Lawrence N. and Betty Morrow Redd Scholarship, but because of his love and affection for his wife, Dr. Redd decided to change the name of the scholarship to the Betty Morrow Redd Scholarship. We are sure you will attest to his admiration and affection upon reading his very moving dedication to her in the statement below:

“Betty, my love, I miss you. You came into my life as a special gift from God. I
know this because I prayed for you to be sent… and one fall Sunday after church
you literally walked into my existence on the campus of Tennessee State University.
Music history was my only avenue into your heart and you rescued this
weary lost traveler. On the close of our first date, to hear the Mighty Clouds of
Joy, I prayed again to move closer to your heart… and God said, “You must ask
permission.” My gentleness took you by surprise, you acquiesced…and “A kiss
from your lips changed my whole life around… gee gee how blest I am to have
[slipped] a kiss from your lips.” You inspired me academically, restored my struggling
soul, taught me how to focus, manage time, and exploded a dam of powerful
pent up love… just waiting in boundless time for you! During our separation
over the summer, you had to know that God Himself helped me write to you nearly
everyday; and five letters in one day! But it wasn’t just your beauty… my future
children needed your brilliant brains and social grace … and you gave it all to
me. So, thank you, sweetheart! You not only loved me, you also gave me, an
only child, awesome brothers and sisters; and made me a bonafide uncle…
among wonderful nieces and nephews. I gained more terrific cousins, and you
transformed us into an outstanding team. I will always love and admire that the
strength of your personal faith and leadership brought me back to God. You, Betty
Ann, have always been and will always remain the wind beneath my wings! My
heart is broken, not having you by my side, yet I cannot complain or be angry. I
accept that when God brought you into my life He gave me one of His greatest
gifts…for 56 years… “and blessed be the name of the Lord.” I thank God for you;
a magnificent creation. Surely, He must have orchestrated a thousand wise men
and women just to dream for a thousand years; before you were born, to put you
together. “A kiss from your lips holds a story still untold… more precious than
gold.” How blessed I am, and others also will be; by the Betty Morrow Redd
—-Your Loving Husband, Larry—-