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Gloria Ross White Endowed Scholarship in Business

This scholarship was established by Ms. Cathy D. Ross, sister of Gloria Ross White. Gloria Ross White graduated from Tennessee State University in 1976. She was born in 1955 and was adopted by Willie L and Nina B Ross in that year. A much loved and desired child, she was named Gloria because she was such a glory. She lived up to that name throughout her life. Her sister, Cathy D. Ross, was born in 1957 and both children were raised on a farm in the small community of Jacks Creek, outside of Henderson, Tennessee. Her parents instilled their faith, love of family, community, and the church, hard work ethic, respect for education, and joy of life into their children. As a result, both girls were very active in the church, community and high school, including being in numerous clubs and extracurricular activities. Gloria was one of the first African American cheerleaders at her high school and was the first African American selected to be on the court of Miss Henderson. She continued to be involved at TSU and was a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and was selected as Miss ROTC. She worked for the Comptroller of the Currency as a bank examiner after graduation and was involved in bank auditing throughout her career. She married Herchell B. White in 1979 and had a son, Herchell B. White II, in 1981. She died in a car accident in 1984 at the age of 29, much beloved and mourned by her parents, sister, husband, child, numerous family members and friends. Gloria lit up a room when she entered. She loved and embraced everyone and was known for her kind heart, faith, love of her family and friends, many good deeds, fun loving spirit, and a grin that could melt hearts. Her tombstone reads “Great Loves Live On”. She would want to live on by encouraging education and supporting students at TSU.